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Abdul Massalkhi

Posted on March 16, 2015 by sabbagh in

    If you’re thinking about listing or buying and you’re not sure which agent to go with, may I suggest Mohamad Sabbagh! While it might not seem that agents matters, let me tell you – it does. Not all situations are alike. You may need to purchase or sell quickly or maybe even wait for that dream house, you may want to get the highest price even if it takes a bit longer, you might want to do improvements to reduce sales time but aren’t sure what will matter. Trust Mohamad!

Mohamad was patient when I was looking for my investment property. We worked on a game plan together, and he gave wise counsel along the way. We did some judicious updating, tweaked the plan as we went along and we hit my goal. Most importantly, I purchased my investment property for far less than what the asking price was.

The experience at each phase of the purchase was superior, such as innovative efforts in developing a plan, useful insights on the best locations in the city for an investment property and proactive facilitation during the sale negotiations/due diligence. All of these tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity and grace.

It would be hard to envision someone doing a better job than Mohamad or being anything but happy in choosing to work with him. Thus, I highly recommend Mohamad Sabbagh for all residential real estate needs.

I look forward to working with you again in the future Mohamad!


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