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About Sabbagh

Who is Mohamad Sabbagh?

I am a Real Estate Sales Representative, and have the confidence, competence and experiences to get the job done. I take the time to understand your requirements, location and different specifications, regardless of whether it’s a new purchase, an investment property or helping a family member.  I am with you every step of the way.

My assurance to the success of my name, is to be of service to one client at a time and strive to obtain 100% satisfaction from each client.

Converting Transactions into Relationships:

Everyone wants their home purchase or sale to be simple, effortless and as seamless as possible.Whether you’re buying or selling, the difference between having an average real-estate representative or a dedicated professional can mean thousands of dollars in your pocket. It can mean selling your home for top dollar or losing the house of your dreams to a more organized buyer.