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Buying Agent

As your buying agent…  my commitment is to protect you and your family during the buying process.   The listing agent is working and protecting the interest of the seller only.

My responsibility is to help YOU find the RIGHT Home at the RIGHT Price, given today’s market conditions, every step of the way:

  • HOME LIST:  Send you details of every home in the market today that will suit your family needs or lifestyle.
  • PRICE:  Negotiate the best price and terms on your behalf.
  • LOCATION:  Ensure that the home you’re buying has no adverse site influences that will affect its value.
  • NEIGHBOURHOOD:  Identify the best neighbourhoods.
  • AMENITIES:  Location of schools, churches, recreation facilities and shopping.
  • BUILDER:  Advise on builder reputation and track record.
  • TRANSPORTATION:  Availability of public transit, train, air, auto routes.
  • FINANCING:  Arrange for the Best Mortgage Interest Rates and Terms.
  • AGREEMENT OF PURCHASE & SALE:  Create an Agreement of Purchase and Sale that will protect your interests during and after the sale, and execute all subsequent documents related to the sale.
  • BUILDING INSPECTION:  Advise and recommend reputable home inspectors.
  • SEPTIC INSPECTION:  Advise and recommend reputable engineers and septic inspectors.
  • WELL PUMP & PRESSURE SYSTEM INSPECTIONS:  Advise and recommend reputable water system companies.
  • WATER TESTS:  Ensure Safe Drinking Water.
  • SELLER PROPERTY INFORMATION STATEMENT:  Why necessary and identifying Patent and Latent Defects.
  • LEGAL:  Recommend Reputable Lawyers and advise on their role and job description.
  • TITLE INSURANCE:  Why necessary and who are the providers.
  • HOUSE INSURANCE:  Some homes are uninsurable, resulting in your mortgage lender not advancing the monies on closing.  Identify potential construction, location and environmental problems and protect you from future liabilities.
  • MORTGAGE INSURANCE:  Make recommendations on what types of insurance (Life, Job Loss and Mortgage) are necessary and what best suits your lifestyle.
  • COSTS:  Advise on all costs that you will incur throughout the buying process — including inspection costs, mortgage insurance costs, closing costs, lawyers costs, etc.
  • GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS:  Advise on government programs and incentives.
  • POSSESSION DAY:  What to expect and when you’ll get the keys.
  • MOVING DAY:  Advise on how to arrange your moving day so as to limit and reduce moving expenses.

Buyer Consultation Available Upon Request, click here to request one!